Differences between Branding and Marketing Made Simple

One of the common misconceptions several businesses have about branding and marketing is that they are the same thing. We hear this pretty often, especially during discussions with businesses seeking to enhance their branding.

However as a branding agency, we understand why the differences between branding and marketing may be a little obscure. That’s why we’ve come up with the following points to help clarify the differences, while remaining as straightforward as possible.

Marketing Pushes. Branding Pulls.

When you market your product / service, you’re asking people to come and check it out. This is a strategy where the product / service is “pushed” to your target audience using anything from commercials to snail mail. Your target audience receives information without having to go out and look for it.

After the marketing part, when your target audience comes down to your store or visits your website to find out more, it is now mainly up to branding to help them make a decision. Things like the design and user-friendliness of your website, the tone of your words and packaging of your product / service play a huge part in whether the potential customer makes the purchase or not. This is the “pull” factor of effective branding.

Think about it: Do you prefer a website that is presentable and easy to navigate as opposed to untidy ones that have no clear message? That’s branding at work!

Marketing is Temporary. Branding is Permanent

When your marketing efforts are active, your target audience will continue to receive information about your product / service. Once you stop advertising and sending out brochures, that flow of information will also end. The marketing strategy therefore, produces a temporary effect.

Since branding is in the ‘look and feel’ of your product / service, people remember you for attributes like providing excellent customer service, effective solutions to their problems, prominent designs and great value for price. Such positive traits will be remembered long after their experience with your business. That is why the effects of branding are permanent.

Think about it: Have you ever found yourself going back to the same retail outlet, IT store or restaurant without needing to see their commercials? That’s effective branding!

The two differences we described above are pretty simple and straightforward, but we hope you get the idea. If you’re looking for a summarised explanation, try this one:

Marketing gets them in but Branding is what keeps them coming back

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