What Did You Get These Past 3 Months?


It’s amazing how time moves by isn’t it? It felt like just yesterday when we were pushing to get several year-end projects out in 2013, and today, it’s already been 3 months into 2014. We have to admit that time did pass by rather quickly, but we’re also proud to have gotten quite a few things done!

In fact, take a couple of minutes to browse our completed works right here.
As for our blog, we thought today would be a good time to catch you up on what might have been missed this past quarter. If you managed to read only one or two articles, then this quick list of summaries might be just what you need:

1. Branding Tips from Santa
That’s right, old St Nick didn’t just give out presents to billions of kids worldwide, he was someone who stuck to his branding for the longest time. This article shares 5 branding tips we all could learn from the jolly giver.

2. Isn’t Marketing and Branding the Same?
It’s an issue that’s still going on today and in this write-up, we briefly cover the main differences between these two. Businesses who think Branding is no different from Marketing might want to read this, and find out what they may have missed out on.

3. Expensive Myths about Branding
It happens to the best of us. Misconceptions of one thing can (and usually do) lead to costly consequences. This article mentions 3 myths that all businesses should never believe in, if they are looking to work towards an immortal brand.

4. Why Branding isn’t Working
You know how reading about something and actually doing it are two complete different things? Well, this entry covers what businesses may have gotten wrong in their branding campaign, and why things didn’t work out too well for them.

5. How to Tell if a Business Needs Rebranding
Giants like Coca Cola, Shell and Apple undergo multiple rebranding cycles and that’s because they know it’s necessary. So how do smaller businesses know when they need rebranding? This article tells you exactly that.

6. Get Your Brand Felt, Not Just Hear
When customers or prospects experience your brand instead of just hearing about it, they tend to remember it a lot better. This entry shares some of the ways that your business can enjoy those benefits.

7. How To Get The Ideal Logo
While it branding isn’t all about a logo, it definitely helps to have one that impresses and inspires. So here’s a step by step guide on how you can come up with a perfect logo without going off track.

Take the Rabbit out of the hat
We will be sharing a lot more updates about branding with you in the near future but if you are thinking of boosting your brand’s image today, get in touch with us. Drop us a message and we’ll arrange for a complimentary consultation.

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