How Branding Affects Your Hiring Success


When we talk about improving and strengthening the brand of a company, it usually is for the sake of benefits like repeat sales, customer retention, brand loyalty and so on (read more about the benefits here). However, what some companies may not have considered is that branding also affects their hiring success.

Basically, how your company is perceived will influence the type of candidates that show up. So if your branding appeals to people who adore your brand and products, then it is highly likely that the new staff will start off already highly motivated in their new job. And any employer knows how valuable a self-motivated employee can be in the long run!

When a friend of mine applied for a job in Apple, she was so excited to have gotten in. Even before getting the job, she was already a fan and used many of their products, including the MacBook and iPad. So you can imagine how motivated she was when she got the job in a company she loved.

Having mentioned that, it does’t mean your company can neglect employee benefits, good working ethics and other important values of a great workplace. After all, interest and passion will not last long if they don’t feel appreciated.

So does a business find out if their branding appeals to potential employees? Here are a few simple steps:

1. Go out there (and online) and find out how people perceive your brand. Ask your professional and social network and see what their views are.

2. Ask the office floor for their opinions about their current work, and why they chose to work here in the first place.

3. Go back to the first drawing board, when the mission and vision were crafted, and see if your company today is still aligned with them.

4. Seek the professional opinions of recruitment agencies, since speaking with potential candidates is what they do for a living.

When you’ve gone through the list above, you’ll end up with lot of information about how your company is being perceived. What comes next is to act on the information.

This can range from working with a branding agency to tweak your brand, to simply meeting your current employees’ needs. So it may be as simple as installing a bigger fridge in the pantry or might be as challenging as revamping your brand identity. The point is, action needs to be taken for benefits to be enjoyed.

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