Facebook Statistics For Your Business

15 days of a festive period is over and we hope you enjoyed every bit of it. This week, we have some amazing and useful statistics about Facebook and it might be a good read to start off your week! So here they are:


Fact 1:

Using auto-posts for your Facebook page can decrease likes and comments by 70%



This simply means that readers can tell if your contents are automated by a software. Take the time to post something from your heart, giving your facebook page that personal touch.

Fact 2:


51% of fans are more likely to purchase from brands they “like” on Facebook



When you post something, never leave it out from Facebook. It’s a highly personal platform and also easy to use. So go ahead and update your business facebook page often.


Fact 3:

67% of US online consumers trust information and advice they hear on Facebook.



This is because being a personal platform, the information and testimonials shared here have that genuine and sincere feel. See what you can do to encourage testimonials! How about campaigning for consumers to share your products, then rewarding them with a discount?


Bonus Fact:

95% of all wall posts are not answered by brands



That means all you need to stand out from the rest is to answer your Facebook posts! Give sincere answers and never “argue” with consumers on your page. Remember that the important customers are the ones who “bother to take time complaining”.


By Nazir Tan Amir

Email Relationship Marketing specialist

Generating content that converts readers into buyers

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