5 Branding Tips We Learnt from Santa

Santa has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and the jolly saint never fails to bring smiles to children’s faces. What people may not realise though is that Santa Claus is a successful image brought about by consistent branding, and is someone we can all learn a thing or two from.


So as a small gift to you, we’re sharing 5 branding tips we learnt from Old Saint Nick, as shown below.


1. Let Customers Reach You
Santa receives more mail than anyone, and that’s because he’s always contactable. Everyone knows his address: Santa Claus, North Pole, and everyone can write in to him.


Making it easy for you and your team to be contacted by potential and current clients creates a positive impression. Your brand will then be associated as one that wants to hear from them, and it makes it easy for customers to refer your business to their network!


Some ways you can do this include having a responsive Facebook page, or an easy-to-navigate website that openly shows your contact information. When you do receive a message, make it a point to revert within a couple of days or if possible, within the day.


2. Specialise and Get Recognised
Santa is recognised worldwide for doing one thing once a year, and he’s darn good at it. He doesn’t send cards on Valentine’s nor paint eggs during Easter. Santa only gives presents during Christmas and that’s it. Now that’s focus!


If you remain laser-focused and provide a clear message in your branding, your customers will easily remember you for those. Not only does it reduce potential confusion on what your brand is about, but it’s easier for people to remember how your business can add value to their lives.


Some of the ways you can reflect this clear message in your branding is by ‘showing’ your focus on visuals like your logo, business cards, slogan, blog, website, social media platforms and through contact points like professional looking newsletters and presentable stationery.


3. Staying Ahead
Do you think people love Santa because he gives new underwear and socks every Christmas? It’s because he knows what they want (from letters received), and he provides the best available choice each and every time.


When it comes to your brand, impress by always being ahead of your client’s needs and wants. This way, you’ll come across as a company that bothers about what their customers need, and takes the extra effort to meet them.


One way to know what they’re thinking is through the feedback received from the online contact form. Then turn these to your advantage by having promotions or special deals that cater to what your customers want. If you know they need to go Christmas shopping, then an email mentioning your Christmas promotions would be a good move.


4. Easily Recognisable
Santa is always seen in red and white, while Christmas is associated with red, green and gold. The result is that everyone everywhere knows what to expect when they see these colours.


The point is to use colours in your branding as well as your marketing, and to ensure that customers associate those colours and designs with your brand, keep them consistent throughout. This way, you breed familiarity and make it easier to develop profitable relationships with customers.


You can start with branding and marketing materials like your logo, website, newsletters, catalogues, brochures, websites, social media pages and so on.


5. Let Your Passion be Felt
Santa never gets tired, and even when his workload grows substantially with each passing year, he gets it done. It’s the passion that drives him and knowing that what he does makes a difference in people’s lives.


Your company, like Santa, makes things better for your customers. You’re either helping them save costs, improve productivity, increase sales or providing something valuable that benefits them. So if you can deliver what you do with the same passion Santa has, it will show in your work and customers will feel it.


Passion, though intangible, can be felt and delivered through things like your marketing tone and feel, customer support, online platforms like Facebook, and even your design and branding can communicate how much enthusiasm you have towards helping your customers!


Remember that your branding goes a long way in building the business. How potential and existing customers see your company largely depends on your branding strategy. If you’d like to explore elevating your brand, feel free to drop us a message here.

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