Expensive Branding Myths

When it comes to branding, there appears to be quite a few myths about what it is, and whether businesses out there actually know how to build their brand. Being the zealous branding agency that we are, we have decided to debunk 3 costly myths that several businesses out there might believe about branding.

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Myth 1: Having a great product is enough

The quality of your product or service is definitely an important element when it comes to giving clients a good impression. It is however, a very small part in the branding process. If you have a great product but weak branding, then what you’ll achieve is short-lived customer satisfaction. When the time comes for referrals, they might not remember you!

Let’s look at an example: Have you ever had a tasty meal and found yourself recommending it to your family and friends, praising the service, the ambience and even the waiter’s name. But when asked for the restaurant’s name, you realise that you can’t remember it and start describing some of the colours they use, the decor, but no name. This is how excellent products with poor branding can suffer.

A great product therefore, is only as good as its branding.

Myth 2: The more you advertise, the more successful your brand

Several companies think advertising helps to build their brand, when the truth is: advertising is brand maintenance. This means that your product/service needs to be branded well before being advertised. If you’re going to put up a commercial of something people won’t remember, how is success going to follow?

Let’s look at an example: You’ve seen and heard tons of commercials on media like television, cinemas, mobile apps, blogs, websites, radio stations and so on. The real question though, is how many do you remember? Chances are, they’re brands that made good choices in design, music, animation, messages and so on.

Advertising is therefore dependent on, but not the same as branding.

Myth 3: Branding is about having a good logo

One of the myths going around is that if you have a well-designed logo, you have your branding done. In reality though, elements like your logo, website, brochure and so on, is just a visual or symbol of your brand. What really engages people is what your brand stands for, your positioning and the way you speak.

Let’s look at an example: Do you have a brand or salon you prefer when getting your hair done? The reason you keep returning to them, is it because they have a beautiful logo? It’s probably because they provide service that is at least above average. The same concept applies to your own branding.

Branding is therefore not just how you look, but how you act and speak.

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